@ridwan live in Northwich now but my wife is from Warrington. Taught in Birchwood for a little and lived in Padgate.

@ridwan Warrington as in near Manchester?

@adamprocter long time fan of Peter Gabriel. Enjoy!

@pratik more to test the parents commitment! 😂

@ezellwrites wow - I can’t imagine what this would taste like. It really doesn’t appeal to me as Ice-cream even though I love Mac and Cheese. How did it taste?

@pratik I never knew this!

@canion mine has two capitals!

@adders a beautiful day for it.

@adoran2 wow - that’s a lot of red cabbage!

@adders I love the Pangolin,

@LJPUK I like the idea of this game but resent paying £69 for it in PS5 - even more so after reading your review. I’ve just picked up a few decent games online for very little - I got The Two of Us for £10. I’m currently really enjoying Sackboy as well. Great humour, graphics and gameplay - although only for the PS.

@odd not the most memorable that though! I like the ones that make sense although it’s interesting to see how long they can be!

@jean she’d love that! I’m going to put that on her Christmas list!

@adamprocter disappointed with how few‘Cafe’ menus there are as well.

@cygnoir like the sound of this but thought it would be hard to find somewhere near me. Appears there is somewhere less than 10miles from me!

@adamprocter I ended up shelling out for it and also very impressed. I’ve been working through the ‘menus’ and collecting cars. Don’t feel like it’s impossible to do yet just using the credits you earn from racing. I didn’t get the deluxe version though in hindsight I wish I had.

Some of the licences are a tough nut to crack for gold (here’s looking at you A9) but they feel achievable still. I’m amazed how consistent the timing feels - a difference of 0.001 in one licence!

@adamprocter what do you think of GT7?

@adders good to read and (most importantly) positive too (apart from the wood fires!). Thanks for pulling it together. I like the look of some of the clothing mentioned as well - had not seen that brand before.

@yorrike not started watching them yet. Looking forward to it.

@LJPUK Balance is another one - not too bad in what it tracks compared to some of the others.

@adamprocter just had a look - kinda resent paying for Dirt 5 when it was on PS+ in January. Not sure how I missed it!

@adamprocter although this looks a little more like what an arcade racer mode: (https://www.thesixthaxis.com/2022/02/02/gran-turismo-7-music-rally-mode/)[Gran Turismo 7 Introduces the Music Rally Mode]

@adamprocter thought so - didn’t realise that it downloads before the date! I’m so tempted but I’m not sure if it’s ‘too accurate’ a car game for me.

@canion totally agree! Really annoyed at the changes.

@adamprocter has it been released?