Experimenting with Knotwords the new game by Zach Gage.

Finding Prune+ a particularly enjoyable and relaxing game.

This photo always makes me smile.

#mbmay Day 1: Switch off and enjoy life outside.

Another sunset through the trees taken by my daughter. She’s got a real eye for photographic opportunities.

Sunset through the trees.

Another ride today - feel like I’m starting to get some fitness back - that consisted of one hill. But it was steep! Pleased that I managed to ride it all.


Yesterdays ride: www.relive.cc/view/vdOR…

Free invite to join Relive: Join me on Relive! www.relive.cc/invite

This made me giggle.

Thought I’d get a bit of research done before I do the CBT next week - also reassure my wife that I’m not planning to kill myself.

Depressing first chapter on how dangerous it is to ride a bike with statistics to back it up. Luckily it then discusses how you can avoid the most coming reasons for a crash!

Doing my CBT (Compulsive Basic Training) a week on Saturday so that I can ride a 125cc bike. Then, if I enjoy a 125cc, I’ll look to get a full A1 and A2 licence.

On the beach at Scarborough. Blackpool of the East coast.

Waiting to watch Blood Brothers at the Grand Opera House in York.

Palindrome that my daughter taught me today:

A Man A Plan A Canal Panama

At the Liverpool Empire about to watch The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime. Front seats right in the middle - we must have been one of the first to book!

Mask unlock now available on iOS - masks no longer worn by majority of the UK public. Not good timing! 😂

Dad Joke alert:

What starts with w and has 3 letters but ends in T.

Great fun today completing the LANTRA 4x4 Off Road Vehicle Operating course today. Thanks to Northwest 4x4 Response for the training.

Does anyone have a spare invite for texts.com?

A micro RC course - 1/76 cars!

A Crème Egg wrapper - never actually straightened one out.

There’s something oddly satisfying and enjoyable about going through a car wash.